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Excursion to Delphi

The Naval of the Earth

Delphi was believed to be the centre of the ancient world, The Navel of the Earth and a place of worship for the god Apollo, also the most famous oracle in ancient Greece, where kings would travel from afar for a prophesy.

We shall visit the sanctuary of Apollo, as well as the stadium, the Athenian treasury and the museum where you can see among other treasures and ancient relicks the bronze charioteer which is one of the most widely recognisable ancient Greek statues.

Time: approx. 9 hours

Delphi Archaeological Site

Delphi View


The Athenian Treasury

When reality leaves you breathless We all read about the Delphi oracle either from history, the legends of the Olympians, adds regarding Greece or even through movies or documentaries but somehow they can't fully describe the site beauty and impressive location. Next to the museum you also have toilets and a shop if you want to buy anything. Would recommend visiting the museum first to make an idea on how the site looked like when it was fully operational as well as seeing some nicely preserved sculptures. Then you head over to the main site and you realized that it was sitting behind a rocky mountain with a beautiful view over the area and the sea. It's pretty windy even on a summer day in August when we went and if the sun is in the clouds it's quite a nice walk. However I would recommend wearing a hat and sunscreen as when the sun hits you can easily get burned. From up you realize this was a complex which included not only the main temple of Apollo but a small theater, a school as well as other temples. Usually what people see in most pictures is the small temple of Athena which is further down the main entrance to the main site for which you do not need to pay any entrance. Would recommend visiting it as well as it is nicely preserved.

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I have visited Mycenae during my European tour with friends. We were astonished by the grandeur and the craftmanship of people who built these walls and tombs. The museum was small, but the antiquities were well presented.

Visitor's review on Trip Advisor

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