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Excursion to Monemvasia

Monemvasia, medival city - fort

This excursion has a journey time of approximately 4 hours to reach Monemvasia from Nafplio. The trip is on country roads deep into the Peloponnese with absolutely breathtaking scenery on route. Remember it is a private tour and as such you are able to make stops wherever you like.

Separated from the mainland by an earthquake, Monemvasia is a Gibraltar like rock jutting out into the sea with a wonderful medieval town on the sea side of the rock. This headland was an ideal fortress due to its naturally, inaccessible nature and the local inhabitants first used its location as a settlement during the 6th century as protection from Slavic invaders. Sitting on a plateau 100 meters above sea level there is a remarkable walled city, constructed and added to by the Byzantines, Venetians and Ottomans until its liberation in the Greek War of Independence in the early 19th century.

Originally only reachable by sea, it is now accessible along the long narrow causeway, onto the rock and then through an imposing walled entrance. From here the old and well preserved city is accessible only on foot. On entering the old town it is like stepping back in time in the labrynth of twisting, narrow streets housing heritage buildings and buildings with bougainvillea in a riot of different colours. The sea views are outstanding.

Above the old town visit the Agia Sofia Monastery, a duplicate in minature of its namesake in Istanbul.

Time: approx. 9 hours

The fortified old town

Monemvasia fort

View of Monemvasia

View of the rock from afar

I have visited Mycenae during my European tour with friends. We were astonished by the grandeur and the craftmanship of people who built these walls and tombs. The museum was small, but the antiquities were well presented.

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