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from Nafplion

Excursion to Mystras and Sparta

Byzantine Churches & a Modern Greek City

Discover thousands of years of Greek history through a wonderful excursion, which starts from Athens and visits Ancient Sparta and Mystras.

Sit and enjoy the ride as you drive to the Byzantine city of Mystras. The scenery is full of trees surrounded by small beautiful hills, fields and lakes. The history of Mystras goes back to the 13th century. Over the years, it was conquered by the Byzantines, Turks and Venetians before it was completely abandoned in 1830. In 1989, the ruins of Mystras, together with the fortress, the palace, the churches and the monasteries, were named a protected UNESCO site as a World Heritage Site. The only remaining inhabitants are the nuns in the monastery of Pantanassa.

Explore Ancient Sparta where the great Leonidas and the 300 Spartans were born. Enjoy this beautiful route and explore the breathtaking scenery of Byzantine Mystras and Ancient Sparta in one of our vehicles.

Time: approx. 8 hours

Statue of Spartan Warrior

Central Square of Sparta

Mystras' Ruins

See the Byzantine Churches and the ruins of a medieval city

I have visited Mycenae during my European tour with friends. We were astonished by the grandeur and the craftmanship of people who built these walls and tombs. The museum was small, but the antiquities were well presented.

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Possible to combine with one of the following: Ancient Epidavros, Ancient Nemea, Ancient Korinthos, Nafplion

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