Minivan, Minibus & Coach Transport with Driver - Epidavros

from Tolo or Nafplion

Trip to the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros

and the Temple of Asklepios

One of the most renowned of Greece's archeological sites is located just 30km east of Nafplion. The Theatre is still the most popular attraction and plays to this day are acted-out during the summer months, drawing in crowds of up to 16,000. The atmosphere is electrifying.

Asclepius Sanctuary is set amongst the green foothills of Mount Arahneo the air is full of the smell of herbs and pine trees. It is easy to see how the sanctuary had a beneficial effect upon the ailing.

To the west of the sanctuary is the large Banquet Hall.It was here the festival of Asclepius took place. Opposite this is the stadium where the festivals athletic contests were held. To the north are the remains of the Temple of Asclepius and next to this the Abaton. East is the Sanctuary of Egyption Gods and to the west are the remains of the mystifying Tholos.

In between the Sanctuary and the Theatre is the Museum where impressive fragments of intricately carved reliefs from the ceiling of the Tholos are on display amongst other ancient finds..

Wonderful to return to Epidaurus after 35 years and be reminded why it made such an impression! The theatre is awe-inspiring - a marvel of engineering and a living piece of incredible history. But there is so much more! Do explore the whole site - a wonderful array of ancient buildings and temples in a truly evocative and peaceful setting. Not to be missed!.

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