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the first capital of Greece

Nafplion, once the capital of Greece in 1839, is also known by many other spellings and pronounciations: Nafplio, Nauplio, Nauplion, Nauplie, Nafpli, Anapli, Navplion.. the list is endless. Being voted as one of the prettiest towns in Greece makes Nafplion popular with Greeks and foreign tourists alike.

The old town of Nafplion is formed around the harbour and its graphic, narrow streets are full of curios and a mixture of architecture. Being occupied by the Venetians, Franks, Ottoman and Turls for hundrends of years the town has a little bit of each culture and this is reflected in the buildings.

Narrow Venetian style streets with overhanging balconies full of blossoming geraniums, romantic cafes and bars, typical Greek tavernas meet together with classical architecture, there is even a mosque (now used as a cinema). Syntagma Square is a bustling meeting place and giving the opportunity to sit in one of the many cafes and relax whilst people watching. Overlooking the whole of Nafplion, high on the hill, is the famous Palamidi Fortress, one of the three castles in the town and offers spectacular views. The Bourtzi castle in the harbour, rumoured to be the most photographes castle in Greece is accessible by water taxi and the Acronafplia castle lies at the foot of the Palamidi.

Fiercly proud of it's major part in the 1821 Battle of Independence, Nafplion has a choice of museums including the Archaeological museum, the Folklore museum, the Military museum, the Kompoloi (Worry Bead) museum and the unique Ouzo museum.

There are many historical points of interest in Nafplion and on the outskirts, visit for example the Bavarian Lion or the UNESCO site of Aneint Tiryns just a 5 minutes taxi ride from the centre of the town. We often include some interesting places on the outskirts of Nafplion inour excursions depending on the time allowed. Please ask us for more details.

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