Tour to Mystra and Sparta (TOUR-N009)

Legends Unveiled: Mystras, Sparta, and the Taste of Greek Heritage

Mystras, the Byzantine city, flourished from the 13th to the 15th century AD as a cultural and religious center in Greece, contrasting with the renowned statue of Leonidas in Sparta, commemorating the legendary Spartan king’s heroic stand at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC.
Welcome, to an expedition steeped in the mystique of ancient tales and the allure of historical wonders. Our journey beckons us to the legendary sites of Mystras and Sparta, where the echoes of history and the spirit of valor intertwine in an immersive tapestry of Greek heritage.

Our adventure unfolds amidst the medieval splendor of Mystras, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that stands as a testament to Byzantine glory. As we traverse the cobbled paths of this fortified town, the whispers of a distant era come alive. Imposing palaces rise, adorned with echoes of grandeur, while churches adorned with captivating frescoes reveal narratives frozen in time. Labyrinthine streets beckon, each corner unraveling tales of a once-thriving empire, transporting us to the heart of a bygone epoch.

Continuing our odyssey, our path leads us to the legendary city of Sparta, where valor and courage echo through the ages. Here, we pay homage to the iconic figure of Leonidas, standing resolute in a formidable statue—a symbol of unwavering bravery and defiance. Amidst the echoes of ancient tales, we immerse ourselves in the legacy of this Spartan king, delving into the historical tapestry that enshrines his enduring legend.

Having traversed the realms of history and legend, we pause to savor the flavors of Greece—a delightful meal awaits, a celebration of culinary artistry infused with the richness of Greek cuisine. Around tables adorned with local delicacies, we share tales, laughter, and reflections, each dish an ode to the diverse and tantalizing palate of this ancient land.

As twilight envelops the horizon, we carry with us the essence of Mystras, the resounding echoes of Sparta, and the lingering tastes of Greek gastronomy. Our hearts hold the memories of a day steeped in history and cultural resonance. This expedition, a harmonious blend of discovery and indulgence, celebrates the past while savoring the present treasures of Mystras, Sparta, and the flavors that ignite the senses.
In the embrace of this immersive journey, we honor the legacies of ancient civilizations, breathing life into the tales of valor and magnificence. As we bid adieu to the day, we carry forth the spirit of exploration and appreciation, cherishing the memories etched into the annals of our collective experience. Embrace this odyssey, where the past and present converge, inviting you to revel in the wonders of Mystras, the echoes of Sparta, and the culinary delights that add a savory note to our expedition through time.


Tour Reference Code: TOUR-N009

Licensed Tour Guide upon request

Meeting & Pickup: We can pick up travelers from their chosen meeting point

Accessibility: Not wheelchair accessible, Stroller accessible, Infant seats or booster seats available upon request

Health Restrictions: Not recommended for travelers with serious medical conditions or heart problems

Languages: English, German, Greek

What is included

● WiFi
● Bottled water
● Private transportation
● Taxes and tolls

What is excluded

● Personal Expenses
● A Licensed Guide for the Archeological sites
● Entrance Fee for the Archeological Sites

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