Visit Our Partners

    Wine Tasting in Nemea

    At the Lafkiotis Winery, visitors have the opportunity to taste the wines and socialize in a pleasant, friendly and confortable environment. The visitors are also given guided tours of the winery and are informed about wine making.

    Visit Art Factory, Pottery Workshop & Cafe

    Τravel back in time and learn how and by whom the art of ceramics started and create your own pottery. The multiplex Silo Art Factory also has a unique cafe and an exhibition of artistic objects.

    Wine Tasting & Tour of Cellar

    The Bafakas winery is a small family, up and coming wine producer with a background since 1920 in the area of ​​Nemea. Taste their wines and visit the cellar. Exclusive menu available.

    Tour & Tasting

    Take a tour of local Ouzo & Liqueur producer and taste the products. Visit the unique Ouzo Museum and see how it's all made.

    Wine Tasting & Cellar Tour

    Visit the vineyards, cellars and processing plant of Domaine Skouras. See how wine is made and partake in wine tasting.