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Cortinth city is located near the Istmus on the side of the Peloponnese. It is the capital of the Prefecture of Corinth and the third largest city in the Peloponnese Region. 

Ancient Corinth has been populated since the Neolithic. The cult of Melikart within the Corinthian natural elevation will be associated with the cult of the Phoenicians Melkart. His name, preserved in Greek, may indicate the Phoenician settlement of urban center. After all, in line with classical mythology and in contrast to the sooner version, Melikerti was the son of Atamas, king of Orchomenus of district, and Inos, girl of Cadmos. once Atamas fell into the ocean together with his mother in anger, to avoid wasting himself, they submerged and have become ocean gods: Ino was known as Lefkoteja, and Melikertis Palaimona. The body of Melikertis-Palaimon was transferred by a dolphin to the Corinthian natural elevation, and also the town king Sisyphus sacrificed a sacrifice in his honor and supported Isthmia, the known battle of antiquity.

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Corinth may be a historical continuation of ancient Korinthos. In 1858 the previous town of Korinthos, currently referred to as Ancient Korinthos, was leveled by associate degree earthquake. This LED to the development of the new town SE of the traditional port of Lechaio, on the shores of the Gulf of Korinthos. The quake had a magnitude of half dozen.5 on the Richter scale.

The city was hit by another devastating earthquake on April twenty two, 1928, that left most of the homes unpeopled and left five,000 families homeless. it had been restored, with the trendy anti-seismic specifications of the time, below the supervising of AOSK (Autonomous Organization of seismal Patients of Corinth), that was established by the govt of Eleftherios Venizelos and endowed with seventy five million drachmas, the financial gain of the then extra Casino In 1933, an oversized hearth LED to the reconstruction of Korinthos.

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Visitors of Corinth will enjoy unique hospitality experiences and countless choices of high quality Greek food and fresh fish in the many picturesque, seaside tavernas . Τhey will find the world famous Corinthian Raisins, the “black Gold” of the 19th -century Greece, as well as exceptional, local, extra virgin olive-oil, olives, figs, honey, fresh fruits and vegetables and some of the best quality red and white Nemea wines .

In addition, they have a wide choice of the most beautiful crystal clear beaches with blue waters and white sand such as
• Kalamia Beach , a popular beach in the City of Corinth
• Kantare Beach in proximity to the ancient port of Lechaio
• Kechries
• Oraia Eleni
and many more along the Korinthian Gulf towards west Or the Saronic Gulf to the East.

Activities Corinth 
Other activities include kayaking, paddle boarding and snorkeling for a full day under the sun. If you prefer to be more adventurous you can rent any type of boat to explore hidden beaches around the Saronic and Corinthian Gulf.

Last, but not least, popular destinations such as

• The Historical site of Ancient Corinth with the Temple of Apollo and the museum of Ancient Corinth, where the famous Kouroi Of Klenia and many more statues and artifacts from Ancient Greek and Roman time are displayed
• The castle of Acrokorinth, that was continuously occupied from archaic times to the early 19th century
• The archeological site of Nemea with the temple of Zeus the stadium , the Museum of Nemea and its famous wineries
• The Ancient Theatre of Epidauros, a UNESCO World Heritage List Member , the most well preserved Ancient theater in Greece and the Museum
• The Archeological Site of Mycenae, also a UNESCO World Heritage List Member, The palace of Agamemnon, the museum and the Treasury of Atreus
• The romantic Nafplio, the First capitol of Greece with its 3 venetian castles, Palamidi, Acronafplia, and Bourtzi
are less than an hour drive away to explore and create unique vacation memories for life.

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