Ancient theatre of Argos

One of the most famous ancient Theatre will be found in Argos City. With preexisting small sanctuaries interspersed on the same spot as well as the theatre that was made in order to host music and drama contests.

Byzantine Museum of Argos

A very well presented museum with finds from the Byzantine era and Middle Ages ( 6-15centuries).What a nice way to address the cultural development of the area, and the influx of various groups.

Arcaelogical Site Fort of Larissa

On a high rocky hill, within the town’s boundaries to the west,you will find the ancient and medieval acropolis of Argos.This fort was fortified and in continuous use for nineteen centuries. So much history in one place!

Zoodochou Pigis Church

Despite the gushing water sourse this church was also build insιde a cave.There you will find an adjacent cavity in the rock, where water springs, has been transformed into a chapel. A unique church to celebrate The Panagia(mother of God) with the Life-giving spring.

Elliniko Pyramid

One of the two mentioned buildings resembling pyramids is the Pyramid of Hellinikou. It’s a common tomb for soldiers who died in a legendary struggle for the throne of Argos.Such a momument with great history and view is hard not to check it out!

Cooking classes

The great taste of Mediterranean cuisine is in this reastaurant!You will be able to taste a variety of fresh products well cooked in the mediterranean style!With the cooking lessons that the restaurant has, gives you the oportunity to also cook in Mediterranean style or make homemade marmelades! An experience that keeps your brain and tummy full!

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