Meteora Monasteries

Of an original twenty-four monasteries that were established atop of the rocks,the six of them are built on immense natural pillars and hill-like rounded boulders. A visit is the only way to enrich your spirituality feelings is this area that already exudes them!Spiritual, magical,breathtaking, inspiring and impressive are some of the words that can describe those Monasteries.

The Monastery of Great Meteoron

In the 14th century a monk named Saint Athanasios the Meteorite founded The Great Meteoro Monastery or “Megalo Meteoron”. It was built on top of a gigantic rock .Due to the cliff formation is called Meteoro(suspended in the air). The biggest and the oldest of the 6 monasteries is waiting for you!

The Monastery of Varlaam

Τhe second biggest monastery of Meteora,located very close to Great Meteoro Monastery,is The Holy Monastery of Varlaam. It was founded in the mid 14th century by a monk named Varlaam.That’s where the name came from!Amazing and breathtaking view!

The Monastery of Roussanou

The Holy Monastery of Roussanou, received the name probably from the first hermit-monk who settled on the rock during the 14th century. It was decorated thirty years after it was founded by a monk who lived at the monastery.History never ends with these monasteries.

The Monastery of St. Stephen

Early in the 12th century the monastic life on the rock of Agios Stephanos beggins!Hosios Antonios and Hosios Philotheos rebuilt from its foundations the old small and elegant Catholicon, the present church of Agios Stephanos, in the first half of the 15th century!Amazing work!

The Monastery of Holy Trinity

With a panoramic view of the surroundings which is simply captivating and one of the most photographed monuments in the area is The Holy Trinity Monastery!Although it is the most difficult monastery to reach,for sure it will reward you!

The Monastery of St. Nikolaos

Founded at the end of the 14th century,the first active Monastery that you will encounter on your way to Meteora,The Holy Monastery of Saint Nicholas!Impressive!

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