Palamidi Castle

The Castle Venetian,the Church of St. Andrew and The prison of Kolokotronis are the most well preserved site in the castle of Palamidi.Get ready to be fascinated!

Arvanitia Promenade

A lovely coastal alley carved in rocks offering amazing sea views as well as different views to all the fortresses of the town: Acronafplia, Bourtzi and Palamidi. A beautiful way to spend some relaxing time.

Archaelogical Museum of Nauplio

In an exhibition developed in two rooms with the same floor plan, you will see finds from prehistoric and historical times! This means a tour of history!

Karathona Beach

Enjoy different types of water sports, as the beach is well equipped with all these amenities. The coffee bars and restaurants are open from early morning till late night. Relaxing day, here we go!

Distillary of Ouzo and Tsipouro

Combined with the museum, a visit to our stills where ouzo and tsipouro are produced along with an explanation of how they are made.What a great way to taste and exerience all in one!

Cooking classes

Cooking classes have all you need, great food, great wine, great knowledge,what a Spectacular time!

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