Ancient Mycenae

The legendary capital of Agamemnon,Mycenae.Beside the amazing museum you will find ruins including the Lion Gate, acropolis, granary, several royal beehive tombs and shaft graves. A beautiful way to see how a prehistoric city took hold!

Art Gallery

By Visiting this Gallery will travel you , to the days of ancient Greece,There is a collection with statues, figurines , vases , gold and silver jewelry with ancient Greek as well as more modern designs that impress with their craftsmanship.

Art Factory

A tour that displays antiques, original creations, artifacts, furniture, objects from recycled materials, traditional signs, images and Museum replicas is a hard to miss! Also at the end will be a pottery tutorial, to create your own pottery or sculpture, or ceramics painting or hagiography.

Guided tour of an apiary

Watching the bees create the most natural and necessary products for the human is an astounding experience. this apiary will tour you around to the heart of it.

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