Monument to the Heroes of 1821

A great monument to the heroes of the 1821 War of Independence against Ottoman rule.Impressive enough to remember, strong enough to even cry.Worths the visit!

Agia Lavra Monastery

Τhe famous monastery of Agia Lavra, is dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. Its history is directly related to the beginning of the Revolution of 1821.A great place to enjoy the view and the history of it!

Gorge of Vouraikos

With an unparalleled journey that lasts for about one hour and starts from Diakopto, the rack railway runs through the gorge of Vouraikos and the village of Zachlorou, ending up in Kalavryta. Travel through territories of unique interest and spectacular views.You will be amazed.

Spileo Limnon

The Cave of the Lakes combines, in an admirable way, ageless natural beauty, with the remains of habitation and use, ancient evidence and myth, «the firm background of history».A must see magical place!

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