Meet your English-speaking driver at your hotel reception, your cruise terminal or wherever is convenient for you within the city of Athens. Ask us to add a multilingual professional licensed guide to accompany you for the tour

Then cruise down the bustling streets of Athens Center, towards the Acropolis Hill .  Sit back and relax at a Mercedes Benz, luxurious, fully air-conditioned minivan or minibus, and enjoy unforgettable views of the streets, the buildings and the shops of the historic city.

Stop at the foot of the Acropolis hill and   take pictures of the magnificent Parthenon that is partly seen from below. Walk uphill to the entrance of the most sacred place in Ancient Greece and explore the most popular historic destination of modern Greece : the Acropolis of Athens.  Enter the site from the Propylaia “the Gateway to the Acropolis of Athens “and let yourself submerged into the amazing beauty of these historical monuments, the Parthenon, the Erechtheion  and the Temple of Athena Nike. From here don’t forget to take 5 min and look around into one of the unique panoramic view of the modern city of Athens.

Then, after we leave Acropolis behind, we  continue for a visit to marvelous Panathenaic Stadium or “Kalimarmaro” meaning “made of fine marble». It served as a home of  the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. It is the only stadium of the world built entirely out of white marble.

On our way to our next stop, The Syntagma Square and the Parliament of Greece, we will pass by the Zappeion hall. Zappeion is a large palatial building located between the Palace Gardens and the ancient Temple of Olympian Zeus. It was built in 1888 and served as the main fencing hall of the Olympic Games in 1896.

At our stop in the Syntagma Square you will feel that you are in the Heart of the City of Athens.  The Old Royal Palace, housing the Parliament of Greece, since 1935, is located across this historic square. Here in front of the Parliament, you can watch the Change of Guards ceremony. The military guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is changed in an elaborate ceremony which happens every half hour and it is one of the most popular attractions for the visitors of the Central square of Athens.

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Next destination will be at one of Athens more vibrant streets, the Panepistimiou Avenue.  Here we will find the city’s most famous buildings of Neoclassical Architecture, all in one spot, the AthenianTrilogy. The Academia, the National Library of Greece and the University of Athens. The architecture of the buildings and the statues of Athena and Apollo standing high, above the picturesque square, will travel you back in time, in the ancient city of Athens.

Our next stop will be  at Melina statue where the Hadrians Arch and Temple of Zeus are located nearby. Here you  will walk up in the Dionisiou Areopagitoy , the busiest pedestrian street in Athens to find, at your left,  the nearby Acropolis museum.

The Acropolis Museum has been rated as one of the best museums in the World. It was built in 2009, to house every founding in the surrounding area of the Acropolis Hill. It has an area of 14.000 square meters were more than 4000 artifacts are exhibited.

Then we will leave Athens behind and drive for about one hour, south to cape Sounion, the southernmost tip of Attica. It is a beautiful trip along the coastline of the  Saronic Gulf and the most popular beaches, in Attica such as Glyfada, Voyliagmeni , Varkiza and many more. At cape Sounion, we will visit the ancient site and its temple of Poseidon , one of the most  important Athenian sanctuary of the Golden Age. The temple was built in 440 BC, at the age of Pericles. Its location served an important role to Athenian naval power of that time. It was the  first and final vantage points from which incoming and exiting ships  could be seen.

Here, you will enjoy one of the most amazing panoramic  view of the Aegean Sea  and as the sun goes down  one of the most photographed sunsets in Greece.

At the end of the tour, our driver will drive you back, in Athens, to the place you met at the start of the tour.