Stemnitsa has stone-built guesthouses that were once beautiful mansions, a small square with restaurants and cafes, the Holy Church of Agios Georgios, wonderful tower houses and fountains next to cute shops with the famous handmade jewelry.What a taste of an old habited village.

Holy John Prodromos Monastery

An imposing,overwhelming atmosphere has one of the most beautiful monasteries,the Holy John Prodromos Monastery.Let the monks tell you all about it!

Menalon Trails

In a landscape that reminiscent of central Europe is the magical trails of Hiking in Mainalos!8 trails which each of the paths are unique with clearings but also places of dense vegetation and incredible views! All that makes you want is to experience its beauty!


Awe-inspiring view from Dimitsana towards the gorge of Lousios, the plain of Megalopolis and Mount Taygetos, are some of the mesmerized landscapes!A worth walking along the picturesque stone cobblestones and climbing one of the hills on which Dimitsana is built! Are you ready for this experience?


Vytina is considered a traditional settlement. A mountain village and a former municipality in Arcadia.If you want to relax and enjoy the traditional ways, this is the place to do it!

Hydromotive Museum

The Outdoor Hydrokinesis Museum is there to highlight the importance of hydrokinesis in traditional society. The basic pre-industrial techniques that utilize water to produce a variety of products,connects to the history and everyday life of the local community over time. So much to learn!

Rafting in Lucio

A magical combination of action and contact with nature is the rafting in Lusio! Otherwise inaccessible places of unique beauty to discover the hidden wonders of the river, have fun while paddling and swimming in the crystal clear waters.What are you waiting for?Let’s go!

Cave of Kapsia

In this cave you will find a rich stalagmite decoration with rare colors.Also a systematic study of the skeletal remains that were found, suggests that the cave was rather used as a place for burials of the dead.The collection of their bones, probably deposited in a ritualistic way in various parts of the cave, mainly in recesses, and then they were carried away by flooding episodes. Such a history in this place!

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