The impresive Acrocorinth, will give you the view of the ancient Korinth.One of the most worth seeing acropolis on mainland of Greece.

Archeological site of Ancient Corinth

In the Archeological site of Ancient Corinth you will find the emblem of Ancient Corinth that is the Temple of Apollo!You will also be able to visit the museum that has several galleries such as:Prehistoric Gallery,Classical Gallery, Roman Gallery, Asklepieion Gallery, East gallery as well as the twin Kouroi found in the cemetery of ancient Tenea.What a historical travel!

Traditional Museum

In this museum you can experience history! Not only the way that the old household lookalikes but also the traditional professions which no longer exist.An interesting overall experience regarding the old greek ways of living.

Bungy Jumping

Right in front of you a magic scenery, whose magnificence will definitely captive you, is one of the best places in the world, where somebody can make a jump.The Canal of Korinthos will give you an extraordinery expirience.Not only seeing the two seas that are connected by a canal but also jump into it!

Isthmia Cruise

The Corinth Canal, completed in late 19th century!Conects two gulfs. A unique opportunity to sail through this impressive work.Don’t miss out!

Water Park

The perfect summer hangout if you are looking for an escape not too far from the city. No matter your age,there are slides and attractions for every member of the family.

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